The Joys of Visiting a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

If you’re a pet owner, you know how awesome it is to spend the day with your dog. Being able to grab a bite and a drink at a spot that’s set up for both you and your dog? That’s a real game-changer.

For all you dog-lovers out there, this blog is for you.

Picture this: a sunny afternoon, a cosy spot in the popular South Bank outside terrace, and your furry best friend lounging by your side while you sip on a delicious cocktail or bite into a juicy burger.

Sounds perfect, right?

Here at The Green Room, we can offer all of this and more. We believe that dogs are family, and they deserve a seat at the table (or at least a comfy spot under it).

We’ve written this blog to tell you more, so let’s take a look.



Why We Love Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Dog-friendly restaurants are popping up everywhere, and it’s no surprise. Our pets are basically family, and who wouldn’t want to share a meal with their favourite furry buddy?

This trend isn’t just about making life easier; it’s about creating more inclusive and welcoming spaces. Restaurants are getting the memo that pet owners want to dine out without leaving their dogs at home, so they’re adding features to ensure both you and your pup have a great time.


Green Room terrace

Benefits of Dining at Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Dining at dog-friendly restaurants offers numerous benefits, creating a delightful experience for both dogs and their owners.

Here’s a closer look at why venues like The Green Room are becoming increasingly popular


Socialisation for Dogs

Dog-friendly restaurants offer a great spot for dogs to meet and mingle with other pets. It’s like a social club for dogs, helping them learn to interact and behave around their fellow furry friends.

Plus, taking your dog to different places and environments is really beneficial. Regular trips to dog-friendly spots give your dog a chance to experience new settings, sounds, and smells, which is great for their mental stimulation and adaptability.

Hanging out in public with you and behaving well is fantastic for training your dog. It reinforces good behaviour in other social situations, making life easier for both of you.


Convenience for Owners

One of the biggest benefits of visiitng a dog friendly restaurant is not having to leave your dog at home. This means you can enjoy your meal without worrying about your pet being lonely or anxious.

Dog-friendly restaurants also make it easier to plan outings and meals without needing to arrange for a pet sitter or worry about timing your visit to rush back home.

Whether it’s a walk in the park followed by a meal or a casual day out, being able to enjoy all of your meals together is great fun and makes the whole experience more enjoyable.


Community Building

Dog-friendly restaurants naturally attract dog lovers, creating a space where people can bond over their shared love for pets. This can lead to new friendships and a sense of belonging within the community.

Many dog-friendly establishments host regular events, such as pet meetups or themed parties, providing opportunities for pet owners to connect and socialise.

Being part of a community of pet owners can be incredibly supportive. You can share tips, advice, and recommendations on pet care, training, and local pet-friendly amenities.


Stress Relief

Numerous studies have shown that spending time with pets can significantly reduce stress levels.

It’s clear that having your dog with you at a restaurant can provide a calming and comforting presence, enhancing your overall dining experience.

Not only for you, but it can also be great fun for your dog. Watching your dog enjoy themselves in a new environment can bring joy and relaxation to both you and the pet. Their excitement and happiness can be contagious, making your meal more enjoyable.

Being with your pet encourages mindfulness, as you focus on the present moment and enjoy the simple pleasure of their company. This can lead to improved mental well-being and a more relaxed state of mind.


man drinking coffee next to dog

What to Look for in a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

When choosing a dog-friendly restaurant, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure both you and your furry companion have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Here’s what to look for:

Amenities: Check if the restaurant provides essential amenities for pets, such as water bowls, treats, and even special pet menus. These small touches show that the establishment genuinely welcomes dogs and cares about their comfort.

Comfort and Space: A comfortable outdoor seating area is essential for accommodating dogs. Look for spacious patios or terraces where your dog can relax without feeling cramped.

Shade and Shelter: Ensure there is adequate shade or shelter to protect your dog from harsh weather conditions, whether it’s the scorching sun or a sudden rain shower.

Accessibility: Outdoor areas should be easily accessible and have a layout that allows for easy movement, both for you and your pet. Consider the proximity to walking paths (like along the stunning South Bank) or parks for a convenient post-meal stroll.

Friendliness and Understanding: Friendly and accommodating staff can significantly enhance your dining experience. Staff who are comfortable around dogs and understand their needs can help create a welcoming environment.

By considering these factors, you can choose a dog-friendly location that caters to the needs of both you and your pet, ensuring a delightful and memorable dining experience for you and your furry friend.



Why The Green Room is the Ideal Dog-Friendly Location

Our South Bank restaurant and bar stands out as the perfect dog-friendly dining destination.

We go above and beyond to ensure your pet feels welcome. With water stations and treats readily available, your dog will be just as pampered as you are.

Our thoughtful pet-friendly policies have been designed to make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

Something that really makes us stand out is our vibrant outdoor terrace, which is perfect for enjoying the South Bank atmosphere alongside your furry friend. This spacious spot is ideal for dogs to relax while you dine, providing a pleasant open-air setting that enhances your dining experience.

Whether you’re seated in the cosy indoor pavilion or the cool outside space, The Green Room offers a laid-back ambience that is perfect for unwinding. The relaxed atmosphere ensures that both you and your pet can enjoy a stress-free meal together without too much going on to distract or over-excite your pet.

One thing that is never an issue at The Green Room is space. The expansive layout ensures that your dog has plenty of room to move around without feeling confined. This ample space is particularly beneficial for larger breeds or more energetic dogs, and is perfect for bringing them along to big events such as weddings or birthday parties.

FInally, the staff at The Green Room are friendly and accommodating, always ready to cater to the needs of both you and your pet. Their understanding and welcoming attitude towards dogs make the dining experience seamless and enjoyable.

Whether you’re planning a casual lunch, a pre-theatre meal, or a leisurely Sunday roast, The Green Room is the ideal spot for dog owners and their pets. We do everything we can to offer an exceptional dining experience that both you and your furry friend will love.


dog in bar getting stroked by woman

Tips for a Great Experience at Dog-Friendly Restaurants

To ensure a pleasant visit to a dog-friendly restaurant, consider the following tips:



Bring Your Leash: Always bring a sturdy leash to keep your dog close and under control. A retractable leash can provide flexibility, but make sure it’s locked at a short length when you’re in crowded areas.

Pack Your Poo Bags: Pack enough waste bags to clean up after your dog. It’s essential to keep the dining area clean and pleasant for everyone.

Small Mat or Blanket: Bringing a small mat or blanket for your dog to sit on can help them feel more comfortable and secure. It also helps to keep them off the cold ground.

Water Bowl: Although many dog-friendly restaurants provide water bowls, having a portable, collapsible bowl on hand ensures your dog stays hydrated, especially on hot days.


Basic Commands: Make sure your dog knows and responds to basic commands like sit, stay, and come. This helps manage their behaviour in a busy restaurant setting.

Socialisation: Before visiting a restaurant, ensure your dog is well-socialised and comfortable around strangers and other dogs. This reduces the likelihood of any stressful or aggressive behavior.

Calm Behaviour: Train your dog to remain calm and quiet while you dine. Practice at home or in less busy environments to get them accustomed to sitting or lying down for extended periods.

Respecting Others

Personal Space: Keep your dog close to you and respect the personal space of other diners. Not everyone may be comfortable around dogs, and some patrons might have allergies or fear of dogs.

Quiet Presence: Ensure your dog does not bark excessively or disturb other diners. A quiet, well-behaved dog is more likely to be welcomed back.

Leash Management: Avoid letting your dog wander or approach other tables uninvited. Keeping the leash short and close helps maintain control and respect for others’ dining experience.

Health and Safety

Comfort and Safety: Ensure your dog is comfortable and not too hot or cold. If the weather is extreme, it might be best to leave them at home or visit the restaurant at a cooler time.

Check for Hazards: Be mindful of any potential hazards around your table, such as hot surfaces, sharp objects, or foods that could be harmful if ingested by your dog.

Vaccinations and Health: Make sure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and is healthy before bringing them to public places. This protects not only your dog but also others around you.

Bring Your Dog to The Green Room

Visiting a dog-friendly restaurant is a wonderful way to enjoy quality time with your pet while indulging in delicious food.

The Green Room offers an exceptional experience with our prime location, diverse menu, and welcoming atmosphere. Whatever the occasion, whether just a quick coffee or a tasty cocktail, The Green Room is the ideal spot for dog owners and their pets.

Get in touch today if you have any questions about our dog policy, or if you want to book a table.