5 Reasons We Love Our South Bank Location

Finding the perfect spot for grabbing a drink or a bite to eat in London can make all the difference in your experience.

At the Green Room, we’re fortunate to be in one of the most vibrant and accessible areas of the city. Located in the heart of South Bank, our prime spot offers a range of attractions within walking distance.

If you’re visiting, we want you to love your time in London, and starting at our restaurant and bar is the ideal way to begin.

Here are five great reasons we love our location, and why you will too.



Proximity to Waterloo Station

One of the greatest conveniences of our location is our proximity to Waterloo Station.

Just a 10-minute walk from the Green Room, this major transport hub connects you to various parts of London and beyond.

Waterloo Station is one of London’s busiest and most well-connected transport hubs, providing easy access to numerous train lines, the London Underground, and bus routes.

This means our guests can effortlessly travel from various parts of the city or even outside London.

It enhances the convenience for tourists who are looking to explore multiple attractions in a day and return for a delightful meal or drink at the Green Room.

It also means getting here is a breeze. It’s ideal for those spontaneous meet-ups, pre-theatre dinners, or just a quick and easy commute home after enjoying a night out at the Green Room.


Head west on Upper Ground towards the BFI Southbank. Turn right onto Concert Hall Approach, then left onto Waterloo Bridge. Use the pedestrian tunnel to cross to the station entrance.


Green Room terrace

Walking Distance to the Thames

The Thames River is just a stone’s throw away from our location, offering a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A short 5-minute walk will have you strolling along the riverbank, enjoying the scenic views and vibrant atmosphere.

Being near the Thames allows our guests to experience one of London’s most iconic features.

The river offers not only beautiful views but also a plethora of activities such as river cruises and walkways lined with historical landmarks and vibrant cultural spots.

Not only that, but the lively ambience with street performers and pop-up markets makes it a perfect place to unwind before or after your visit to the Green Room.

This setting provides a serene and scenic backdrop for dining and socialising at the Green Room, enhancing the overall experience.


Exit the Green Room and head south on Upper Ground. Turn left onto the Queen’s Walk and you’ll find yourself right along the Thames.



Near the National Theatre

Culture lovers will rejoice at our proximity to the National Theatre, located just a 7-minute walk from the Green Room.

As one of the UK’s most prominent theatres, it’s a fantastic venue for world-class performances.

Being close to such a prestigious cultural institution as the National Theatre means our guests can enjoy some great food and drinks before checking out a show.

Whether you’re a theatre enthusiast or a casual visitor, the convenience of having top-notch performances just minutes away can help to create the perfect night.

The ease of catching a play at the National Theatre and then enjoying a delicious meal at the Green Room (or vice versa) makes for a perfect cultural outing.

With a variety of shows and events, there’s always something to suit everyone’s taste.


Walk west on Upper Ground towards Hatfields. Turn right onto Hatfields, then left onto Stamford Street. The National Theatre will be on your left.



Close to the London Eye

Just a 12-minute walk from the Green Room, the London Eye offers stunning panoramic views of the city.

This iconic Ferris wheel is a must-visit attraction for both tourists and locals.

The London Eye is not only a symbol of modern London but also a prime attraction that draws millions of visitors each year.

Being close to such an iconic landmark allows our guests to conveniently add a spectacular sightseeing experience to their visit.

Imagine starting your day with a thrilling ride on the London Eye, followed by a relaxing meal at the Green Room.

It’s a perfect combination that allows you to see London from new heights and then enjoy some of the best food and drink the city has to offer.


Head west on Upper Ground, then turn left onto Belvedere Road. Continue straight until you see the London Eye on your right.


Green Room London bottomless brunch

Near the IMAX

Movie enthusiasts will love being close to the IMAX, one of the largest and most immersive cinema screens in the UK.

A mere 10-minute walk from the Green Room, it’s perfect for a fun and convenient outing.

The IMAX experience is unparalleled when it comes to movie watching, offering incredible visuals and sound.

Being so close to the IMAX means our guests can easily combine an extraordinary cinematic experience with a visit to the Green Room.

The thrill of watching the latest blockbuster on an enormous screen and then grabbing a meal or drinks at the Green Room makes for an ideal date night or family outing.

It’s all about creating memorable experiences, and our location helps you do just that.


Walk west on Upper Ground towards Hatfields, turn right onto Hatfields, then left onto Stamford Street. Continue to the IMAX on the roundabout near Waterloo Station.



The Green Room

Our location is more than just an address—it’s a gateway to some of the best experiences London has to offer.

The importance of being near these iconic landmarks and attractions cannot be overstated. It not only makes the Green Room easily accessible but also ensures that our guests can make the most out of their visit to London.

We provide the perfect partner to a day of exploring, offering a welcoming and delightful space to relax and enjoy.

Come visit us and see for yourself why our location is unbeatable.

Get in touch or book a table today.